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Passionate about ancient and vanished worlds since childhood,
I got into archeology.

Julie Petrella

About me

We are in 2013-2015, while I am a young student, I am propelled in the footsteps of the Phoenician divinity Tanit.

A long-term task, which will give rise to a research paper of almost 200 pages.

After studying law at the Sorbonne, I continued my learning around the globe.

My dream: like Baldassare before his journey (Amin Maalouf); collect pieces of history.

My curriculum

2013: Bachelor’s degree in Art History & Archaeology, Paul Valéry University,
Montpellier III

2014: Master's degree History & Art History, Paul Valéry University,
Montpellier III

2015: Master's degree in History & Art History with a research focus,
Paul Valéry University, Montpellier III

2017: License 2 Law, Sorbonne University, Paris I

2018-2020: Around the globe

2021: Creation of my business


It was in 2020 that I decided to enter the collections market. Present on the Delcampe platform (well known to
collectors), I visit the Collections Fairs in search of History, sharing, ideas and of course “papers”!

The idea of ​​creating a website grew little by little until the project was launched in January 2022. But the creation being a tedious job, it was not until April 2023 that the “archeophil” site was put online with as objectives to propose:

Quality products. Adapted customer service. A sharing between enthusiasts

My team

The team is made up of:

A web developer
An expert in philately and ancient documents
A graphic designer (coming soon)
Myself for the part: history, research, purchasing, sales, communication, development, customer service, shipping

My goal

1. Encourage younger generations to take an interest in “little history”, documents and any other collection objects in order to continue to safeguard our regional and national heritage and global.

2. Providing financial assistance for access to education for children around the world

3. Provide assistance in safeguarding heritage

Julie Petrella

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